Pharma industry has spread its span tremendously over the past 1.5 decades and has come out to be one of the fastest growing industries in India. Lami tubes is used as preferred packaging for ointments and creams in this sector. There was a paradigm shift in the appearance of the products when most manufacturers started preferring lami tubes over the traditional aluminium collapsible tubes for various reasons.

Lami tubes are commonly used for the following products in Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Pain Relaxants

  • Anti-Fungals

  • Oral Care Gels

  • Other Derma range of products



Personal Care and FMCG

The enormous volume of consumption of this market has attracted many manufacturers to find their target segment. For the same purpose an attractive packaging becomes necessary for distinguishing one product from another. This segment popularly comprises the following sectors:

a. Cosmetics

This is a very versatile market with new product categories and new entrants being
introduced all the time. Over the past decade local as well as international cosmetic
brands have gained immense popularity. Newer product categories have evolved into
a daily need increasing the scope for such companies. Lami tubes are best suited and
commonly used for all of the categories detailed below:

  • Face Creams,
  • Face Wash,
  • Mehndi,
  • Skin Care Cosmetics,
  • Beauty Creams
b. Toothpaste

Toothpastes come in all types of variants such has herbal, ayurvedic, cosmetic and medicated. Lami tubes are the most commonly used and cost effective packaging for all toothpaste types.

c. Shaving Creams and Gels

Most companies these days prefer lami tubes as packaging for Shaving Creams and Gels of all kinds. This is a cost effective mode of packaging and can be complimented by several colors of stand up and conical caps.



Automobile and Industrial Adhesives

Various products like Gasket sealants are now seen being sold in lami tubes due to various reasons. Industrial adhesives also have shifted trend recently towards lami tubes since top foil provides sufficient air tight seal properties to the tubes.